Science Education Classes

Syllabus for CIED 6333 Nature Of Science: Philosophy of Science for Science Educators (Fall 2008)

The Nature of Science is a hybrid arena consisting of aspects of the philosophy, history and sociology of science along with elements of the psychology of scientific observations all targeting the complete understanding of how science actually functions.

Syllabus for CIED 6313 Issues, History and Rationale of Science Education (Spring 2008)

This course is the foundation experience for those interested in the discipline of science education. It provides an overview of the fundamental issues in and vocabulary of science education. The course includes the research basis for science teaching, the literature of science education, and the issues and controversies surrounding the teaching of science.

Syllabus for CIED 6343 Advanced Science Teaching Methods (Spring 2008)

This course is designed for educators with some previous instruction in the methods of science teaching and/or who had some prior science teaching experience. This class differs from introductory methods classes because it is designed to build on prior teaching experiences. We will reflect on practice from practical and theoretical perspectives to evaluate and fine-tune science teaching skills.